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Fueling Talented Research for Education Reform

EdFuel is committed to attracting mid- and senior-level managers to the rapidly evolving K-12 education reform sector. EdFuel’s mission is to help these schools and the governmental, non-profit and for-profit support groups that serve them to attract, develop and retain the most talented and innovative leaders in the country.

In the fall of 2013, EdFuel approached GALEWiLL for help in creating a brand identity and logo; developing infographics to tell EdFuel’s story and the challenges of the sector; and developing elements of EdFuel’s on-line and in-person training to make the content compelling and engaging. This work was all in preparation for EdFuel’s launch in the spring of 2014.

In anticipation of its launch, GALEWiLL developed messages and a messaging narrative, a brand identity, a logo, and a collection of infographics depicting such topics as an introduction to education reform, the ABC’s of ed reform, the ecosystem of school reform, enrollment in charter schools and much more. GALEWiLL also curated several presentations and in-person trainings to make them more compelling and engaging.