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Helping Comedy Channel
Address the Mess

Address the Mess is Comedy Central’s pro-social campaign, committed to showing their viewers easy ways to reduce waste, improve their lives and help revive the planet. Given Comedy Central's audience of early-adopters to the latest and greatest gadgets, the network is in a unique position to help individuals identify their own carbon footprint and offer information on how to reduce it.

Address the Mess launched in 2007 via a national Public Service Announcement campaign designed to introduce the initiative and prompt a call-to-action to visit, an engaging, interactive and educational website that informs visitors on a variety of environmental issues.

Together with the internal Address the Mess team at Comedy Central, we developed a long-term strategic platform that is ownable and measureable for this pro-social campaign. Staying true to Comedy Central’s brand and attitude, we lead with the self-directed benefit but emphasize the environmental benefit as a bonus. Making it easy and almost fun to get rid of junk, we tap into the competitive spirit of their viewers and get people to address their own mess, save precious resources, and do something good for the environment.