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Designing New Ways to Stay
Above the Influence

Teens today face an ever-changing world of influence. Everywhere they turn there are negative influences that point them away from a healthier and happier future. The "Above the Influence" (ATI) campaign and its activities provide a new way to engage youth in a dialogue about the influences in their lives – both positive and negative – and to empower them to make healthy decisions. Through the ATI activities, teens learn how to rise above negative influences, and adopt the ATI brand philosophy, “Anything that makes me less than me is not for me…especially drugs and drinking.”

We worked with the Office of National Drug Control Policy and their partners at Fleishman Hillard to create engaging ways to apply ATI messages and activities in the foundational work being done by community partners such as the Boys and Girls Clubs, Y and SADD. We helped design a user-friendly toolkit to help youth group leaders facilitate discussions with teens about influence and ways to stay above it. The activities improve influence literacy by helping teens identify influence (Tag It), discuss it (Bring it) and rise above it (Be It).

Partners have told us that the toolkit resources and activities have worked well with their existing programs and that they are able to use the ATI campaign as a valuable, nationally-recognizable asset that hits home with their teens.

Credit: Fleishman Hillard