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Teaching Teachers About
Healthy Schools

The Alliance for a Healthier Generation works to address one of the nation’s leading public health threats—childhood obesity. The goal of the Alliance is to reduce the prevalence of childhood obesity by 2015, and to empower kids nationwide to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Founded in 2005 by the American Heart Association and William J. Clinton Foundation, the Alliance works to positively affect the places that can make a difference in a child’s health: homes, schools, doctors’ offices and communities.

We are proud to have been part of their initial launch in 2005, where we worked with the Alliance to help train their educators on how they could leverage the power of storytelling to help make the healthy choice, the easier choice for their students and staff.

GALEWiLL team member, Kathryn Kahler Vose, continues to serve on the Alliance’s Healthy Schools Expert Panel.