Moving Health From the New England Journal of Medicine to the Wall Street Journal

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention approached us with this challenge: Imagine a better way to talk to American businesses about workplace health. How might we transform scientific information stored in static, daunting, three-ring binders and make it more useful to the American workforce?

After thorough consultation and interviews with company CEOs from Nebraska to New York, we created the pilot program, the Alliance for a Sustainable Workforce (ASW), to show employers the benefits of prevention and the positive impact that healthier employees can have on business. We helped show employers that investing in the health of their employees means higher productivity, lower health care and worker compensation costs, and ultimately, a more competitive and sustainable workforce.

By engaging business leaders in their own language, we designed issue briefs, video-on-demand, and other communications that more closely resemble The Wall Street Journal than The New England Journal of Medicine. Through ASW, we are inspiring and convincing employers to invest in healthier work environments and employees.

Credit: SolDesign Company